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Hello, everybody my name is Im solida. I'm a student of two university is ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF LAW AND ECONOMICS, subject IT and ECONOMICS year 2, and other university is MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA, subject is ENGLISH year 2.

- I have Graduated from Toul Tom Poung High School
- For computer course I have completed Photoshop, Corel Draw,    Dreamweaver, Repairing and Microsoft Office.
- On 19-20th May, 2007 I won the Webmaster Awarded    from    Manich Enterprise. (Internet Party)

For my habbit is go to internet and check for the new software, and out of this on weekend I spent my time with my computer and evening I go to riverside or Stadium with my friend.

This website I created it for show everything that have in Cambodia even though now it so little but I will try to find more infomation or more place for showing on this page.

And the hard thing that I can't make my website up-to-date is, I don't have internet at home, I don't have members to help me to do this work, and my freetime for do this work is only at night, so it's not easy for me.

I don't know my website is good or not, so if you see my mistake on this website please let me know and I will correct it.

Thank you!
From Solida

E-mail : solida@mail.com

Phone Number : 016 687 653 / 098 629213


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