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Russian Market is so popular amongst foreign visitors, local expatriates and Cambodians. The market is in the southern part of the Capital city, Phnom Penh. It firstly became popular among Russians who visited Phnom Penh when Cambodia had a close relationship with Russia and Vietnam during the 1980s. Because Russian expatriates liked shopping in this market, everyone called it “Russian Market”, while the locals name it as “Spar Tuol Tum Poung”.
The market has the largest and most varied selection of mementoes, ornaments and other items of interest to the tourists. Inside the market, visitors can find hardware goods, drinks and cooked food, old-fashioned furniture, traditional carvings and handiworks, hand-woven silk, music, movie and computer CDs, silverwares, gems, books and maps, backpacks and bags and shoes and clothes. Most of the CD vendors are located on the south side near the southeast corner of the market. It also a good place to buy fabric for business and casual cloths to take to the tailor. Most of what the visitor might want is in the same general area on the south side but the rest of the market is well worth exploring. Food and drink stands in the middle of the market for hygienically adventurous visitors.

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