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Admixture of Asian exotica, the famous Cambodian hospitality awaits the visitors to the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Situated at the confluence of three great rivers the ‘four arms' of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac forming the "four arms" right in front of the Royal Palace Phnom Penh is the commercial, political and cultural hubs of the Kingdom and is home to over one million of the country's estimated 11.4 million people. It is also the gateway to an exotic land….the world heritage site, the largest religious complex in the world, the temples of Angkor in the west, the beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the northeastern provinces.

The city offers several cultural and historical attractions including the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum. There are also a wide variety of services including five star hotels and budget guest houses, fine international dining, sidewalk noodle shops, neighborhood pubs international discos and more. Although smaller than other capital cities in Southeast Asia, Phnom Penh has its unique beauty with green scenery. Furthermore, numerous building constructions are ongoing everywhere in the city; and the size of city is currently spreaded bigger and bigger everyday. Nowadays, huge and tall buildings have been erected and under construction; and hundreds of dirt roads have been being paved throughout the capital.

Phnom Penh, like other Asian-City tourist destinations, is in the midst of rapid change. Over the past few years the numbers of restaurants and hotels have grown considerably and in the last year there had been a huge increase in the number of visitors. There are now direct daily flights from several Asian cities and three overland border crossing have opened since 1998. Even travel within the country is easier with several airlines flying domestic routes, regular bus service to major cities like Sihanouk ville and Kampong Cham and road conditions throughout the country have been gradually improving. Cambodia is becoming easier to visit everyday.

However, municipal authority has been attempting to make the city in impressive green scenery and good environment. Surprisingly, this tiny have been currently awarded in London as the most developing capital in the world. Remarkably, Phnom Penh gradually becomes more and more interesting tourist attractions

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